Taking into account that snails’ breeding is a profitable business, you may consider it as your first start up. The major advantage is that you are not forced to interfere into the natural process of life and reproduction. Pros of snail breeding:
  • They are not choosy;
  • Eat simple and organic food;
  • They do not suffer from epidemic and other diseases;
  • They are hermaphrodites

«Snails House» is the Ukrainian-Polish company may help you to join a gainful business and open a snail farm

There are pitfall and peculiarities in each business, so our experts are ready to share their experience. Thus, we are ready to give you the information about the establishment and maintenance of the snails’ farm. We will help you:
  • to calculate the cost of farm construction;
  • create a breedstock;
  • explain the process of snails’ feeding;
  • explain the details of humidity level and temperature conditions;
  • provide information about cleaning pallets;
  • offer soil fertilizer, etc.
Moreover, our company can provide you with all the essential components for farming:
  • pallets (houses for snails);
  • tables for reproduction;
  • feed stuff.
We are the supplier of live and frozen snails, canned food and snail meat, caviar, and gastropods mucus. The latter is extremely popular in cosmetology and medicine. We organize deliveries all over the world, to Europe, Asia, USA and Canada. We are highly respected for a high quality of service and products. Due to the usefulness and high content of useful properties of the snail meat, it became popular in Ukrainian restaurants and supermarkets. Mucin of mollusks is famous for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. It has a healing effect on skin. It rejuvenates it, nourishes with vitamins and minerals. Snails have become increasingly demanded worldwide. Therefore, Ukrainian market has become so active over the past five years. Moreover, Ukrainian soil is favorable for snails’ cultivation. However, this business is is underdeveloped. NB! Farm foundation does not require huge investments. The scales are different! Therefore, you may start with a farm of small scale. Thanks to a support of the «Snails House» professionals, you can reach good results in business. Try it!

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