Feed stuff for snails

Snails House can become an excellent partner for you in the process of your business foundation. We have huge experience and ready to share it. We are also ready to offer you our self-produced assortment.

Why do snails must take feed stuff?

Natural habitat of mollusks promotes consumption of soil, plants and berries. These products are the nutrients for growth. However, in nature, snails may lack vitamins and minerals, so it is possible to control on the farm. NB! The percentage of snails’ crop survival is considerably higher in the artificial conditions, because mollusks are provided with favorable growth conditions and diet. The farmers fertilize the soil and sometimes feed individuals with delicacies (bread with milk, bananas) to provide enough amount of vitamins. It promotes the desired size and strengthens shell, however needs many resources. Additional feeding of snails simplifies the process of care.

Freed stuff composition

The feed staff of Snails House is produced by the leading specialists, so its components are unique and balanced. It is rich in micro and macro elements for snail health. It is also enriched with vitamins for expansion and intensification of the shell. Its composition promotes excellent weight gain and resistance to negative environmental factors.

Which types of snails can eat feed stuff?

Helix Pomatia (grape and garden snails), and other types of terrestrial snails can eat feed stuff
  • Helix Aspersa Maxima (big grey snail);
  • Helix Aspersa Muller (small grey snail);
  • Achatina (home snails Achatina).
NB! You are free to order the consultation of our specialists to get all the required information about the feed staff for other types of mollusks. The product is delivered in 25 or 40 kilo bunches. Wholesale and retail orders are available. Place an order now to improve your farm!

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