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Caviar of Snail


Red and black caviar used to be considered delicacies, but nowadays this place is firmly taken by the snail caviar that has become famous all over the world. The gourmets have discovered its useful properties and given it a title «pearls of Aphrodite.»

The grape snail, Helix Muller and Helix maxima, can lay eggs several times a season, in case they live in favorable conditions. They are able to lay up to 80 eggs during one laying. They look like small balls for ping-pong in shape; the size is 3mm size with semi-transparent, milky, soft texture. The smaller diameter is of Muller eggs.

A couple of farmers from the North of France introduced the caviar to the menu of restaurants.  This product has quickly become favorable, so the creators introduced the technology of its collection, salting and storage.

Nowadays, many restaurants have caviar of snails on their menus. The process of extraction of snail caviar is time and labor consuming.  Those, who have tasted it, compare its taste with sturgeon caviar or baked mushrooms. Experts have also characterized its taste as light autumn taste with forest notes due to the spicy taste of wooden notes.

In addition to its taste qualities, snail caviar has many useful ingredients, minerals and vitamins that have proven their effectiveness and useful properties for the cardiovascular system.

The delicacy is usually served on a warm toast with truffles and herbs, and is accompanied with sparkling wine. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are free to take the journey to the country of taste!

Caviar of Snail

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