Canned snails

Canned snails from «Snails House»

The farm “Snails House” is always ready to provide you with the wide choice of escargot delicacies. The assortment includes marinated and smoked snails, as well as escargots in sauce, conserved in specific containers for you have the chance to take pleasure from their unique taste. “Snails House” delivers environmentally clean products, created from a crop fathered in the fields of our farm. Our area is huge, which contributes to the growing of large bulks of snails, which can be delivered to any part of the world.

Canned snails from «Snails House» wholesale

Our farm presents you with a variety of products wholesale. Our assortment includes frozen, live, pickled, and smoked snails, and shells and caviar. Our professionals work on making exclusive products of the highest quality. They warily inspect, sort, cut the mollusks and transport them for further cooking to chefs.  E can deliver large bulks of products to all countries.

The use of canned mollusks

Canned mollusks can be used as an ingredient and separate dish. You can get pleasure from tasting this food with wine and snails in sauce. Chefs of the restaurants often use marinated snails to prepare salads, soups, and escargot. Moreover, they are used for cooking warm and cold snacks. People also eat them with lettuce leaves and fresh sheep cheese. Canned in spicy herbs and natural olive oil, shellfish emphasize the fragile taste of your dish.

Another recipe from snails

For this recipe it is possible to use either escargot or canned snails. Preparation of snails with tomatoes will require:
  • Marinated mollusks – 250 gr,
  • Fresh tomatoes – 4,
  • garlic, clove,
  • oregano,
  • white wine – 1 glass,
  • olive oil – 50 ml,
  • salt, pepper.
Our shellfish is already prepared. Cook cut tomatoes with garlic, pepper and oregano in oil. The sauté pan will be more suitable for the preparation of this dish. Then adjoin snails, mix and simmer for 15 minutes. Due to the fact that the ingredients are preserved, cooking will not be time-consuming. Nowadays canned snails become more popular. Easy shipping, suitable use, long shelf life are some of the advantages of canned products.

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