Bourguignon snails

«Snails House» is the major company, dealing with the cultivation and breeding of snails in Europe. Our company works in the in sphere of cultivation and wholesale trade of snails and shells as well as ready-to-use products from them. One of the most famous receipts, for which our snails are used, is “Bourguignon snails”. For the preparation of this trendy dish only fresh and organic components are used, as well as high quality snails. Taking into account that our snails undergo all the stages of processing, you will not need to hire cooks or use additional means of refinery. «Snails House» delicacies are ready to use, so warming them up is required to prepare the dish from the high French cuisine. We provide you with the brilliant opportunity to economize on preparation of snails in case you purchase them in bulk at our company.

The best living conditions for snails

Due to the fact that consumption of mollusks has increased, it became necessary to organize farms for their cultivation. Snails, cultivated in «Snails House» have natural conditions, perfect for their breeding. The company carefully follows all the technical conditions, required for snails breeding and cultivation, namely control of temperature and moisture level. According to the scientific researches, snails’ meat contains vitamin B, A and PP complexes, therefore it is useful.

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