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Best wines for escargot

best-wines-for-escargotSince French are best known amateurs of cuisine experiments, it is no wonder that they like escargot the most. This food is traditional among the French, who know how to serve it and what wine can fit the dishes from snail the most. Not all sorts of wines can perfectly match the escargot. This article tells how to make the right choice.

White wines are the best options for light meals, although pink and sparkling wines can be better for a celebration with fruits, cheese and light snacks. Those, who prefer red, fragrant and dense wines, may serve them for full dinner with spicy meat. Dishes from snails can be accompanied with young drinks.

Below is the description of several dishes from escargot and wines that can best suit each of the dish.

Escargot de Bourgogne


best-wines-for-escargotThis dish mainly consists of garlic or shallot, the greens and snail’ fillet, which give the dish some crème taste. The wine should underline the distinct aroma of this meal.

It is recommended to serve white dry, white semisweet, pink semisweet and sparkling wines. Classic white Chateau, Sauvignon and Chardonnay are usually served with escargot de Bourgogne. Dry or semisweet wines are able to shade the flavor, but overload the taste, and add some cream notes to the sour cream. White bins are not overloaded with tannin, so they seamlessly highlight the taste of seafood with cream sauce, vegetable dishes and moderately sweet fruits.

Snails in Limousine


Nutt taste is a peculiarity of this dish. Walnut is able to  provide the escargot with original shades. Therefore, the choice of wine should be made in favor of less aroma kind, since walnut has a well distinct taste.  The most appropriate wines are Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.

best-wines-for-escargotSomiersky snail is another classical receipt. It includes nut-roasted peanut, which is rather fragrant component, so, less aromatic drink can be served.Chablisis is a common wine, served for the dishes from snails. This drink is produced from the Pinot Blanc grapes type. Aromas and tastes of apples, nuts and smoky shades are included in its content, so these drinks can be perfectly matched with seafood.

Sparkling wine group can be perfectly matched with the dishes from snails and snail caviar.  Such wines as Riesling and Gewurztraminer emphasize the festivity of the evening. In case the buffet table is being planned, cold Riesling can be served with a warm escargot.Escargot is an elite product, so it evokes interest of gourmets, because of its peculiarities of serving, accompanying wines, originality of taste and decorations. It can become a perfect decoration of any festive event.

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