Baby snails

It does not matter what type of business you have decided to launch, since the start is always very important. If you decided to connect your life with the snail business, we can help you and can offer you the following:
  • Baby snail of Helix aspersa muller
  • Baby snail of Helix aspersa maxima
When working with our company, you are guaranteed to get more than high quality products, but consultation of specialists and analysts in the sphere of snails breeding.

Mollusks Breeding and Growing

Snails are hermaphrodites and lay eggs for 10 sm in the soil in the process of mating. Maturation process may last from three to four weeks. Then the shell bursts and mollusk appears, however it takes them ten days to get to the surface. After the Helixaspersa baby snail got out of the soil, it has to be fed substantially.
The growth depends upon the following factors:
  • nutrition
  • population
  • temperature
  • cleanness

How to feed baby snails?

Taking into account that Helix aspersa baby snails live in the soil, they consume their shell and nutrients, contained in the soil, however, the diversity of their food should be expanded. As soon as they appear, they prefer eating leaves of tender and young greens. Later, they can be fed with finely chopped or grated vegetables: cucumber, carrots, green apple, and pumpkin. When diet is kept, add calcium, chalk, egg shell and mineral mixtures. Baby snails are often bought for cultivation, because they need 2 years to teach the necessary size, therefore, our company may offer you to buy baby snails of high quality to start you own business.


Purchase of mollusks and baby snails has no complications. They are easy to transport: plastic container is filled with substrate and food and if the temperature falls below 10 ° C, warmer bag is required for transportation. When snails are healthy, they are easy to recognize, since they are active and eat well. However, if the snail is not active and produces too much slime, it may signify about the disease, treatment of which depends on its nature (hypothermia – to warm, overheating – to bathe in cool water). The container with baby snails should be kept clean and disinfected. The baby snails should be kept in the incubator for the first quarantine period. This period may last up to two weeks. The advantages are steadiness of temperature (24-270С) and humidity level of 80-85%. Moreover, baby snails do not require much space, so they can be placed in the big cage. Mollusks are often used to dilute population. For example, helix pomatia snails are fertile, if they are not brought up within one family.  We are glad to offer you the baby snails of helix pomatia and other types, whiuch can become the perfect start of your business.

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