Heliceculture (growing up snails in the industrial scales) is the type of breeding industry with a high additional value. Breeding of snails is Europe is a business for the lazy. There are several reasons for it:

  • Snails are not selective and can consume herbs and other available food;
  • Natural process of breeding and growing up does not require intervention;
  • Each individual can reproduce.

Heliceculture in Ukraine

This area of cattle breeding is quite new for our country. It is rapidly developing. Western Ukraine has the biggest number of farms. High quality mollusks are being bred in the ecologically clean region of the Carpathians and are delivered to the European countries.

Despite well-developed supply channels, they meet only 30 % of demand. That is why this market niche is still free.


How not to lose?

Despite the simplicity of growing mollusks, there are also risks in this business. To open a business, careful preparation, a phased plan of action and the search for potential buyers are required.ARE THE SNAILS WORTH INVESTING?

If you want to open a small farm for the domestic market, where there are four categories of customers:

  • restaurants;
  • companies for the production of convenience foods and canned goods;
  • cosmetology salons;
  • pharmaceutical enterprises.

Large farms are export-oriented, but the products must be certified in accordance with the requirements of the importing countries to become eligible to sell them to Europe.


Types of snails’ farms

Breeding in private territory

The basic advantage is minor investments. Breeds stock can be collected in the forest. It can be fenced from insects and dangerous animals (dogs, hedgehogs, cats, moles and birds).  As soon as mollusks grow up, they are sent to the collection points.

Farms of open type

The organization requires a pitch with a prepared soil:

  • average acidity;
  • loose soil;
  • disinfection.

The site is enclosed, planted with grass and other plants with juicy green leaves. It is time to buy a breeds’ stock.

The business is seasonal. In late autumn, snails hibernate.

Farms of closed types

This is a greenhouse type of farm, which requires the building, equipped with an irrigation, ventilation and heating system.

Boxes for adults, young animals and eggs are installed inside. A closed farm allows growing snails all year-round, but the construction costs are higher.

Farm with a production line

The most profitable type of business is the cultivation of snails, but also the  manufacturing of products:ARE THE SNAILS WORTH INVESTING?

  • canned snails;
  • pastes;
  • frozen semi-finished products (escargo);
  • snail caviar;
  • mucus extract, etc.

Such enterprises can carry out direct deliveries to France, Italy, Spain. After all, most of the exports go to the Baltic countries and Poland, where they are engaged in processing and further sales.

This niche is still free in Ukraine. It requires large investments, but brings high income.

To avoid possible risks, it is recommended to undergo training where you will learn all the details of successful business.

Upon the condition of careful preparation, your costs will be quickly outweighted.

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